Bioinformatics & Systems Biology

Bioinformatics and the system biology are related terms and are interdisciplinary in nature. While bioinformatics involves documentation of the functioning of the molecular biology and genetics using computational techniques and mathematics, systems biology employs computational and mathematical models in analyzing the complex interactions taking place within the biological systems in a holistic manner. Systems biology basically engages biological research, which is essential for understanding the biological functions, drug discovery, and proper delivery of the same when the biological systems encounter any trouble. Bioinformatics incorporates and applies the theoretical and practical knowledge of statistics, mathematics, computer science, engineering and biology and allows in silico analysis of biological data and computerised interpretation of that data for future applications. On the other hand systems biology utilises the persisting knowledge on functioning of signalling pathways, metabolic networks and genetic sequences for the furtherance of scientific research and application.

List of Publications in Bioinformatics & Systems Biology