3rd Global Expo on Cancer and Oncology Research

Chiung-Fang Chang


This conference is mainly looking for the researchers, eminent personalities from Universities, Societies and associations from all over the world which is highlighted the various topics include different treatment methods for cancer, preventive measures, Oncology nursing care, Awareness of cancer, recent advancements in oncology and cancer research, gynecological cancer, organ based cancers, cell biology and cell development, effect of personal activities on cancer. Our present conference is expecting the eminent keynote presentations, Oral presentations, and poster presentations by Young scientists. We also focus on the students, since students can explore their research work and learn new research work from the eminent speakers by interacting in the conference hall. All the information regarding this conference will be published in Journal of Cancer Immunology & Therapy or Journal of Clinical Oncology and Cancer Research or Journal of Cancer Epidemiology & Prevention.

Relevant Publications in Journal of cancer clinical research