A Statistical Study to Identify the Risk Factors of Heart Attack

Research Article

Zoha Fatima, Itrat Batool Na


A statistical study has been conducted to identify the risk factors of heart attack. The study design used in this research is an observational cross sectional. A semi structured questionnaire was designed and surveyed consisting of 25 questions which were filled from 246 patients from two hospitals ‘Gulab Devi’ and ‘Jinnah Hosptial’ Lahore, Pakistan. Respondents were asked questions regarding some of the possible reasons that may cause heart attack. Out of 246 patients, 123 were cases (people who had a heart attack) and remaining 123 were control (people who only had chest pain). We took 123 patients in each group because we needed comparison. Spss and R SOFTWARE were used to determine results of this research. By using univariate, bivariate and multivariate analysis it was observed that the significant factors from model are diabetes blood pressure, sweating, heart attack before, age, severity of pain, medication and pressure of the work.

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