A study on the roles of biotechnology in improving agricultural productivity

Aigboje K. Clinton


Biotechnology is producing great opportunities for the increase in global agricultural production and for protecting the environment through the reduced use of agro-chemicals like pesticides, fertilizers and rodenticides. Biotechnology has played an important role towards the attainment of environmental sustainability by using environment-friendly crops such as insect-resistant, herbicide-tolerant species and crops that can fix nitrogen leading to purification of the environment. Increasing global food production within existing land area and the use of modern plant breeding methods have enhanced increased production of crops like legumes to improve soil structure, organic matter and fertility. These lead to conservation of bioresources and prevent soil erosion. Some beneficial effects of livestock production on the environment are also discussed. However, fears and concerns about the environmental consequences of biotechnology are also discussed. The overall aim of this review is to emphasize the importance of biotechnology towards attaining a safe and sustainable environment for increased global agricultural production.

Relevant Publications in Global Journal of Biochemistry and Biotechnology