A Teacher's Reward in Teaching at the University Level - "Ups and Downs"

Andreea-Diana Scoda


The article analysis an important aspect related to a teacher’s reward in teaching at the university level, as the title suggests with ‘’ups and down’’ throughout one’s professional career. The teaching-instructional process and the experience that will be presented is from a personal perspective, that took place during the university period 2016-2017, at the National University of Arts of Bucharest, within the Department of Teacher Training (DTT) with students who wanted to become teachers in “plastic art /visual art education”. The design of the paper is based on a theoretical approach (e.g., recent studies, theories, case studies in the field, etc.), together with a “mini” research that includes two main target groups: the students’ opinions and perceptions reflecting different issues discussed (respondent who are preparing to become teacher in Art Education) and a teacher’s view based on “self-reflection or observations” grasped during the university period. Furthermore, this paper continues the exploration on the topic of preparing students to become teachers, which will be seen mirror wise – student versus personal reflections (“self-reflections method”). If in my previous article “Student’s level of satisfaction regarding their “Pedagogy” course training” the main focus was on preparing prospective teachers for teaching in the classroom, this paper will emphasis more on ones’ “reward” for being a teacher in higher education; a “reward” which is represented through comparison with a “coin” with two sides – “up and down”. The paper plans on investigating the students ‘and teacher’s view transmitted “directly or indirectly” and “consciously” or “unconsciously” through beliefs, feelings, emotions, etc., aspects that one felt throughout their university development. To this extent, this paper will explore three variables that are interconnected: personal, organizational and professional development, described as an ongoing system of pedagogical inquiry that reflects a number of inputs-processes-outputs.e.

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