About the etiology of schizophrenia

Segundo Mesa Castillo


Abstract About the etiology of schizophrenia today in day it is thought that the cause of schizophrenia is even unknown but that the neurodevelopment theory is the more accepted in these moments. What does this mean? That if all the previous theories, the psychogenic, the sociological theory no longer has scientific foundation, it is the neurodevelopmental theory the more accepted in these moments in relation to the etiology of schizophrenia Schizophrenia and dementia are the two fundamental problems of mental health all over the world. Schizophrenia has a much bigger repercussion than dementia because it affects the individual in full productive stage of life because in dementia the individual already exceeded the productive stage so to speak of life. Schizophrenia affects the individual in full productive and reproductive stage of the life, to the young man or the young woman, not only it affects the patient but to the caretakers, to the family and the society in general, not only from the affective point of view, but from the economic point of view, for what it stop to produce patient and family caretakers, besides the economic load for the state or for the private clinics depending on the society that is. Besides all that, there is an intangible suffering that one doesn't keep in mind related to money but yes as for human suffering. In relation to the knowledge of schizophrenia through the history evidences have been picked up mainly from the clinical point of view of the symptoms of the illness through the literary works and of art, as for example this painting of Goya, The Madhouse, where if one observes it, the diverse clinical forms of expression of schizophrenia are present, as much the isolation as dysfunctions of the thought and of the behavior.

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