Achievement of Institutional Balance in Disparity of Competences of the European Union Institutions

Akbar Ismanjanov


Post-Lisbon initiatives to address the democratic deficit that attempted to reach greater institutional balance was not synchronous with overall framework, and coexistent with the provisions reminiscent of the diminished role of the European Parliament in the past. Fostered intergovernmental drift lead to the weakening of the Commission vis-à-vis the Council and the European Parliament. Progressive loss of supranationalism tends to shift at another end of this process, offering loss of viability of the union. This is especially detrimental at the time of challenges which necessitates reinstating the role of the Commission. This can be done by providing the right of legislative initiative to the Parliament, preventing it from further encroachment, and by integration of the Council formed of executives with the executive Commission allowing to reach traditional separation of powers. This can potentially mitigate the intergovernmental drift and turning the union into intergovernmental organization.

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