Additive Manufacturing, Processes and ASTM/ISO Standards

Fabio Sant�??Ana


Present the audience to the Additive Manufactured stan­dardized process by ISO ASTM TC261 / F42 Joint Com­mittee. Present what is Additive Manufacturing and its difference against 3d printing. Additive Manufacturing History and main milestones together with a Personal Journey in the technology, Additive manufacturing pro­cess as described in ASTM ISO 52900 and ASTM ISO 17296 : vat photo polymerization : VPP , sheet lamina­tion : SHL, material jetting : MJT, material extrusion : MEX, directed energy deposition: DED, binder jetting : BJT, powder bed fusion : PBF . Qualification and Char­acterization Standards for a Additive Manufacturing based on ASTM ISO 17296, including quality control , performance and specifications for test methods and ma­terials control. Market differentiation by processes, mate­rials and manufacturers accordingly with public studies from 3dhubs and AMPOWER. Presenter is Member of ASTM F42 Member number 2066434 / ABNT CB026 and CEE261 Member number 578499 and ISO TC261 HOD Brazil for both 2019 TC261 International Meetings (Auburn, USA and Senlis, France).

Relevant Publications in European Journal of Applied Engineering and Scientific Research