Advancements in health technology improving patient lives and outcomes in the real world

Short Communication

Becky Sarson


 The democratization of data and technology has led to health technology advancing at an unprecedented rate. From the new iWatch being able to diagnose atrial fibrillation (with FDA approval) and track a fall; alerting that person’s wider care team, to artificial intelligence being more accurate than a doctor in diagnosing skin cancer. The accessibility of new technology has opened the public up to understanding and embracing alternative approaches to their health/disease awareness and care, as well as giving HCPs a new tool in which to treat their patients. But what does this mean for everyday diabetic patients, and what are the possibilities for embracing technology in to the wider diabetic patient’s ecosystem? Becky Sarson has over 12 years experience working to develop innovative health solutions to support patients and their HCPs with diagnosis, treatment, outpatient care and interventional support. These include technologies that have the potential to predict when an asthmatic may be at risk of an attack, mindfulness modules and CBT programmers for relapsing oncology patients and supporting pulmonary arterial hypertension patients to communicate and share data with their HCP on a more regular basis, revolutionizing outpatient care for PAH patients. Her work has been globally recognized, winning multiple awards for innovation, design and application to healthcare.  

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