An Alternative Treatment for Weakness and Sparseness of Eyebrows: Mesotherapy, A Pilot Study

Tahsin Görgül&uum


Introduction: The eyebrow has a significant impact on the perceived beauty of the face, and in today’s culture women favour strong and healthy eyebrows. Although eyebrow transplantation and tattooing are two popular techniques for overcoming common concerns about weak and sparse hair growth, both techniques have disadvantages. Mesotherapy was developed in the 1950s, and was initially used to correct hair problems. The proven efficacy of hair mesotherapy has led to the use of the technique for eyebrow problems. Although there have been no published studies of eyebrow mesotherapy in the literature up till today, it is a minimal invasive and efficacious option available for patients. Materials and Methods: A total of 12 patients with complaints of weak and sparse eyebrows (mean patient age: 32 (26–42) years) underwent eyebrow mesotherapy. Of the 12 patients, 8 were satisfied with the results on day 15 after treatment and clinically apparent thickening and darkening of colour was observed. Discussion: Eyebrow mesotherapy provided good results in this study, which is at odds with the complications of the technique discussed in the literature. In brief, mesotherapy could be useful for correction of eyebrow problems that contribute to the perception of beauty. The results of this pilot study demonstrate that eyebrow mesotherapy is a minimal invasive method that may be tried prior to invasive and irreversible methods, such as eyebrow transplantation and tattooing.

Relevant Publications in Journal of Cosmetology & Trichology