An assessment of early sputum conversion and transformation rates in new smear positive cases of tuberculosis



Regardless of the accessibility of strong antitubercular drugs, tuberculosis (TB) stays one of the world's leading causes of death. This present situation requires alternative plans with the possibility to minimise the treatment duration that could prepare for improved clinical outcomes.  Methodology: In this prospective, observational study conducted at HAHC Hospital , study subjects were included on the basis of inclusion and exclusion criteria.Sputum conversion has been assessed at the baseline and after regular intervals .Out Of total patient’s enrolled [66.66%] patients completed the study and [62.5.3%] patients underwent sputum smear and culture conversion. The median time to smear and culture conversion was end of day 30 days and at day 45 respectively. Out of total patients with pulmonary TB and DM it has been found that there was a significant increase in the symptom score. Further the sputum conversion from positive to negative was seen in higher number of patients. The time to sputum smear and culture conversion under DOTS is like past antituberculosis regimens. There was a significant decrease in conversion rate with the initial high grade smear positive cases

Relevant Publications in Journal of Infectious Diseases: Prevention and Control