An Investigation of AI enabled SoE Attacking Impact in Higher Learning Institute: Structural Equation Modeling (SEM) Approach

Shekh Abdullah-Al-Musa Ahme


Theory of artificial enabled social engineering attacking risk factors are employed in this study to determine the impact that disturbed the personal productivity of higher learning institute of the user towards the AI enable SoE attacking. Five independent variable which are threat, vulnerability, valuation, countermeasure and personal disturbance factors using in this paper. Moreover using as an indicator in determining disturbance of personal productivity in a higher learning institute. Since multiple regression by using Structural Equation Modelling –Partial Least Square (SEM-PLS) is used to examine the collection of data by a questionnaire which is relevant with AI enable SE attacking risk. And the resulting point out three independent variable significantly influences the personal productivity in higher learning institute. As a matter of fact this study concludes that the foremost influence factor on disturbance of personal productivity in higher learning institute towards the AI enables SoE attacking risk factors such as threat, vulnerability, valuation and countermeasure. This study contributes to introductory study but vibrant understanding in stimulating the higher learning institute to become a worldwide institution.

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