Analysis of Biplot to Identify Marketing of Commodity Results Bali Cattle Livestock in Simantri Badung District, Bali

Research Article

Putu Sampurna I, Homing Suha


The data obtained were analyzed by Factor Analysis. The data obtained from the research and marketing objectives of the Gapoktan in Simantri, Badung Regency, Bali Identification of the marketing objectives and marketed commodities, as a variable is the purpose of marketing of the commodity produced by Bali cattle breeding in the farmer group in Simantri. The regency and the object is the result of Bali cattle breeding in the gapoktan in Simantri Badung regency. The results showed that the marketing objectives of the produced by the Gapoktan in Simantri Badung regency were collectors, animal markets, government, other Gapoktan, farmers and other places. The most widely marketed commodity is solid fertilizer, the next is an expelled female Bali cattle, male Bali cattle seed, female Bali cattle seed and the least is a liquid fertilizer.

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