Analytical Visual Methods to Describe Practice Patterns in a Newly Diagnosed Multiple Myeloma Non-Interventional Disease Registry

Lihua Yue, Siwen He, Jay Cao,


Our Biometric team was tasked with implementing a primary objective of a newly diagnosed Multiple Myeloma registry to describe practice patterns of common first-line treatment regimens and subsequent therapeutic strategies. This manuscript describes analytical visual methods we used to understand and summarize a complex data structure. We aim to present these methods in a cohesive holistic manner which threads together materials published over time, each with focused narrower objectives, deriving from this primary objective. Methods described in detail elsewhere are briefly revisited here to provide that holistic perspective and to provide details on subsequent variants in newer applications. These have also been used in clinical publications. The coding and graphical display related details corresponding to our Sankey plot clinical publication, for which our methods are unpublished, will also be provided.

Relevant Publications in Biometrics & Biostatistics