Assessing the contribution of Community-Based Natural Resources Management Programme to environmental sustainability in Ondo State, Nigeria

Adisa Banji O.


This study assessed Community-Based Natural Resources Management Programme (CBNRMP) for environmental sustainability in Ondo State, Nigeria. Data were gathered through a structured interview schedule from 120 rural dwellers participating in CBNRMP. Data collected were described with descriptive statistical tools such as frequency counts, percentage, mean and standard deviation while correlation was used for the inferential to test the hypothesis set. The study showed that the mean age of rural dwellers participating in CBNRMP in the study area was 56.2±16.8 years, many (56.7%) of the respondents were married and spent an average of 12.3±9.5 years in formal schooling. The majority (83.3%) of the respondents took farming as a main occupation; information about CBNRMP was sourced through extension workers (66.7%) and television/radio (60.0%). In addition, majority (81.7%) of the respondents asserted that they are well aware of the programme before its commencement and it has improved their socio economic status. There was a positive significant relationship (r=0.578; P≤ 0.01) between improvement in socio economic status of the participating communities and their perception about the programme. Since improvement was noticed in the socio economic status of participating communities, CBNRMP is recommended for other states outside the Niger Delta region.

Relevant Publications in Global Journal of Environmental Science and Technology