Assessment of Basic and Advanced Knowledge in Biostatistics and Clinical Research among Health care Professionals at King Fahad Medical City, Riyadh, KSA: A cross-Sectional Survey

Research Article

Muhammad Salman Bashir, Humari


Background: Adequate biostatistics knowledge among healthcare professionals is imperative for understanding medical literature and practicing evidence-based medicine. This study assessed the basic and advanced knowledge in biostatistics and clinical research among healthcare workers at the King Fahad Medical City (KFMC), Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. Methods: In this cross-sectional survey, data was collected from healthcare providers using a self-administered questionnaire, having questions related to demographics, biostatistics and clinical research. Data analysis was performed using statistical package SPSS 22. Results: Of 194 participants (63 [32.5%] consultants, 52 [26.8%] residents, and 79 [40.7%] allied healthcare providers), 45.4% had positive attitude towards learning biostatistics. Only 35.1% correctly answered biostatistics and clinical research instrument-related questions. Half participants had low score, 33% had good score, and 18-19% had excellent score of basic and advanced knowledge of biostatistics and clinical research. The highest degree and number of years of experience in biostatistics after medical school graduation were significantly (χ2 (2)=16.589, p<0.001) associated with basic and advanced biostatistics knowledge scores. Conclusion: Timely and painstaking training courses in biostatistics and clinical research are needed to improve the research standards in Saudi Arabia. Interested candidates should collaborated with statisticians to improve quality of their work and enhance their statistical skills.

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