Avocado Extract Inhibits 7, 12-Dimethylbenz[a]anthracene (DMBA)- Induced Carcinogenesis in Hamster Cheek Pouches

Research Article

Haiming Ding, Bruce Casto,


Background/Aim: Our studies have shown that an avocado extract (D003) selectively inhibits proliferation in premalignant and malignant but not normal primary human oral epithelial cell lines via an ROS-mediated mechanism. Herein, the in vivo anticancer effect of D003 extract and freeze-dried avocado (FA) was determined in the DMBAinitiated hamster cheek pouch (HCP) model. Materials and Methods: Tumors were initiated in hamster oral mucosa with DMBA followed by topical application of D003, FA, or vehicle. Tumor lesions were counted and evaluated histologically, epithelial proliferation was investigated using MTT assays, and ROS levels in HCP were examined using two photon microscopy. Results: D003 significantly inhibited tumorigenesis (tumor number and volume) compared to FA and vehicle, but neither D003 nor FA reversed premalignant changes induced by DMBA. ROS levels that were increased in the mucosa by DMBA treatment were enhanced by D003. D003 significantly reduced proliferation of cells in DMBAinitiated mucosa. Conclusion: Human cell culture and HCP data show that the phytochemicals extracted from avocado exhibit anticancer activity by inhibiting cancer cell proliferation and progression.

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