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Eisenman MN


between corollaries of the theory of relativity and reality, often called paradoxes. The main point of this article is to indicate and correct the error that led scientists at the turn of the twentieth century to formulate the faulty theory of relativity. In one of his lectures the late Professor Itzhak Bar Itzhak Z”L (Technion, Israel Institute of Technology, Haifa Israel) compared physicists and engineers by means of an equation. Engineer=Physicist + common sense Wherefrom it follows that: Physicist=Engineer - common sense As we shall demonstrate below, the theory of special relativity was born out of an error and some lack of common sense. Many attempts have been made to refute the theory of relativity. I assume that all of them have dealt with contradictions between corollaries of the theory of relativity and reality, often called “paradoxes”. The wrong rejection of two of these paradoxes, the twin paradox and the apparent instability of planetary trajectories due to gravitational acceleration delay (also termed “retardation”), based on pseudo-scientific arguments led me to realize that the only practical way to refute the theory of relativity is by displaying the error on which it is based. This error is associated with Maxwell’s equations. Maxwell’s equations are a brilliant formulation of the laws of electromagnetism. However, they were derived for static systems, i.e.; where there was no motion relative to the relevant coordinate system (RCS). At the turn of the twentieth century some scientists assumed that these equations pertain also to dynamic systems, wherefrom it follows that the speed of light is constant in all inertial coordinate systems. This in turn led to the Lorentz transformation and to Einstein’s theory of relativity. This article shows that Maxwell’s equations do not apply to dynamic systems where there is motion relative to the RCS. As a consequence of the correction of these equations it is proven below that the Galilean transformation and Newtonian laws of mechanics are universally valid, not just as low speed approximations. The theory of relativity was born out of the attempt to force an incorrect form of Maxwell’s equations on all electromagnetic phenomena. The formulation of the corrected Maxwell equations finally refutes the theory of relativity.

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