Can Quantum Mechanics Correlate All Natural Forces? An Experimental and Observational Approach

Research Article

Carson Lam Kai Shun*


According to a previous study, mathematical set theory in analogous terms of symbols can be used to relate the body, mind and spiritual world to develop artificial intelligence. This paper tries to study how the natural forces electromagnetic, gravitational, and strong-weak-can be explained by applying quantum mechanics theory. Indeed, body corresponds to strong-weak force, mind refers to the electromagnetic force, and the spirit corresponds to the gravitational force. In this paper, different quantum experiments were performed to verify the above hypotheses. First, the strong-weak forces, was tested by the Baryons mass spectrum or the quantum chromo dynamics (QCD). For the electromagnetic, and the Casimir effects were considered or the (Quantum) electrodynamics (ED/QED). A tabletop experiment was used for the gravitational force or the quantum gravity (QG). That is body, mind and spirit links with QCD, (Q) ED and QG through quantum mechanics (QM). Also these quantum theories (QCD, (Q) ED and QG are self inter-connecting through QM. Finally, the results show that we can also use quantum mechanics to “experimentally rationalize” the Penrose’s philosophy and correlate all presently well-known natural forces. That is the role of “set symbols connections” mentioned in the special rationalization of Penrose’s three world theory can also be tested experimentally w.r.t. the modern particle physics (in the philosophical sense). Thus, quantum mechanics is analogically as the duty of set theory in my rationalization. Furthermore, these QCD, ED and QG can be linked with Roger’s three world philosophy (Plato, physical and mental) by (brain) waves or ontological mathematics. Hence, the QCD, ED and QG give birth to the unified field theory philosophically. In other words, these theories unify all natural forces and relate the elementary particles under a single theoretical framework the Roger’s three world theory through the quantum mechanics and ontological mathematics behind. The outcome is one may investigate more about early universe and black hole.

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