Case Report: victimization EyeTracking as Support for the TEACCH Program and 2 Teenagers with AutismSpectrum Disorders

Giuliani F, fabienne.Giuliani


Mobile eye-tracking are often a robust tool to assist in planning ways to boost learning in people with unfit spectrum disorders. the 2 teenagers studied in our project, each with syndrome disorders, use less fixation points to seem at these scenes and area unit slower than peers with traditional development. once one year of personalised treatment, the teenagers’ competencies in eye contact with target points were improved. These preliminary results show that the intervention ought to manifest itself in ecological conditions and also the analysis victimization Mobil eyetracker, one thing that bypasses language deficits, can be integrated into clinical routines so as to extend generalization. TEACCH (Treatment and Education of unfit and connected Communication unfit children) is an academic program for kids and adults of all ages with ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorder). The TEACCH approach is named “formal education” and is predicated on the actual fact that individuals with ASD suffer from psychology deficits . it's vital to recollect that the goal of this approach is to show the person to measure along with his incapacity, to not cure it. though individuals with ASD area unit heterogeneous, it appears but, as incontestible by Mesibov.

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