Conventional Vs. Microwave Heating in Combustion Synthesis of Ca Perovskite Used in Mgonano Catalyst for Biodiesel Production

Mohammad Haghighi


In the present article, MgO/Ca2Mn3O8 nanocatalyst was utilized in the transesterification process for engenderment of green fuel from sunflower oil. Besides, the synthesis of the layered nanostructured Ca2Mn3O8 support was carried out by combustion method. The effect of two heating approaches including muffle furnace and microwave irradiation investigated on the characteristics of calcium commixed oxide utilized as the fortification of the MgO active phase. Both of the synthesized nanocatalysts were characterized by different techniques. The nanocatalyst engendered by the microwave irradiation combustion method scored the best performance. This nanocatalyst exhibited opportune morphology, higher porosity, and better distribution of particles compared to the synthesized sample in muffle furnace. This justified the positive influence of microwave irradiation on the catalytic

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