Determination of optimal concentration of minerals salts and nitrogen sources for C. utilis biomass growth in tubers hydrolysate

Chakufwa Kamkwamba Kondowe


The deficiency of protein in human food and animal feed is well recognized due to the rapid growth of population. It is therefore, important to increase protein production by utilizing all the available ways and means. In the light of this, an attempt was made in this study by selecting Candida utilis NOY1. This yeast was used to determine the optimum concentration of different minerals salts and nitrogen source on growth. This study aimed at improving the medium composition for efficient and high yield yeast biomass production using tubers wastes. Proximate analysis of the biomass revealed that the protein and nucleic acid content were 54.8 and 4.6%, respectively. Amino acid profiles were found to be comparable to those of the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations reference. This study shows that tubers wastes supplemented with peptone and yeast extract could be used as a good production medium for large scale production of yeast biomass and C. utilis NOY1 possesses a high protein value and can be used as a better choice for single cell protein production.

Relevant Publications in Global Journal of Biochemistry and Biotechnology