Does diet pattern influence serum 25-hydroxyvitamin (25OHD) levels among women with polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS): Lessons from a cross sectional study from North India?

Aafia Rashid, Mohd Saleem Baba


Background: Polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS), the commonest endocrinopathy of reproductive age women has multiple metabolic aberrations. VDD is rampant documented with high prevalence in India. There is a lack of substantial evidence of low VD status on the subject if vegetarians are at greater risk of VDD than non-vegetarians. Objective: To evaluate the impact of dietary composition (veg vs. non-veg) on serum 25 OHD levels among women with PCOS. Methodology: In this cross-sectional study, women aged 14–40 years who fulfilled the Rotterdam 2003 criteria for diagnosis of PCOS were enrolled from institutional clinics of AIIMS, New Delhi and SKIMS, Srinagar. Among 177 women enrolled, 74 vegetarians (from AIIMS) and 104 non-vegetarians (from SKIMS) were evaluated using a common predesigned proforma. Detailed history, clinical food frequency questionnaire (FFQ), examination and laboratory evaluation was carried out. Results: The mean age of subjects (26.43 ± 4.44 vs. 26.77 ± 5.51 years) was comparable as was mean BMI (23.51 ± 2.97 vs. 23.81 ± 4.22 Kg/m2).Total calorie intake was 1838.33 ± 298.54 vs. 1478.44 ± 404.87 kcal among non-veg and vegetarians respectively. Number of menstrual cycles/year (8.13 ± 3.40 vs. 8.02 ± 2.38), FG score (11.82 ± 4.52 vs. 11.32 ± 4.23), biochemical and hormonal parameters were also similar except for serum alkaline phosphatase (105.46 ± 32.27 vs. 162.70 ± 42.58 IU/L), total cholesterol (98.92 ± 24.33 vs. 81.15 ± 25.32 mg/dl), and triglycerides (135.01 ± 50.25 vs. 107.06 ± 42.10 mg/dl).The mean serum 25OHD levels did not differ significantly among non-veg and vegetarians (15.64 ± 5.41 vs. 12.50 ± 8.39 ng/ml). Conclusion: Women with PCOS are linked to VDD and it is marginally severe among vegetarian women with PCOS than those consuming non-vegetarian diet.

Relevant Publications in Journal of Public Health and Nutrition