Dr. Still was a Natural Counselor – Skills on How to Better Understand and Work with Your Patients Using Basic Counseling of Dr. William Glasser

Jason Haxton


Osteopathic Healthcare – began as an American form of patient care and is licensed in all states with 56 osteopathic medical universities in the United States and several hundred osteopathic schools globally. Osteopathic care covers the full “body-mind-spirit” triune. A workshop will be provided to help understand human behavior – why we act or do behave as we do. Much like the physical body needs nutrition for healthy development; the mind too needs mental food for healthy personal growth and thoughts. The workshop will be a first-step primer to understanding the behaviors and choices we all make every moment. It will allow participants to reflect on their own mental processes and apply what they learn to their own life and that of their patients. Material will be drawn from Dr. William Glasser Psychiatrist in understanding the mind/spirit aspect of the whole person. The workshop highlights will be on a PowerPoint available to the participants.

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