E-FEUS-Exploring academic factors affecting university students�?? intentions to become entrepreneurs: A Ukrainian study

Svitlana Strapchuk


Based on the theory of planned behaviour (TPB) and entrepreneurship education the study explores the mediating effects of perceived antecedents of TPB model on relationships between entrepreneurship education and entrepreneurial intentions over the course of educational programs. In order to get an idea about the main sources of entrepreneurial intentions of Ukrainian students, the project between four universities was organized. Data was collected due to a survey. The survey was administered in 2018-2019 to incoming students by faculty members engaged in the project at each of the four universities, generating 349 usable responses. Our model has proven its capacity as a conceptual framework because it explains 54.3% of the variance of entrepreneurial intention. First, we identified that the education, including teaching methods and university environment, as well as prior work experience has a positive indirect impact on students’

Relevant Publications in Journal of Research in International Business and Management