Effctieness of the product Cora agrohomeopathie X62 in case of drought and high temperatures in growing seasons successful & effional strengthening of agricultural plants and crop on their ability to adopt to climate cha

Majda Ortan


 In the growing season 2013 in my country Slovenia severe drought occurred during plants growing period. In this year wasperformed our applicative research project deals about field trial and confirmation, that with use of appropriate combination of Natural Bio-Quantum Biostimulants natural, energized homeodinamic products Cora agrohomeopathie®, is possible to grown also hop without use of any pesticide and harvested good yield per quality and quantity. Products Cora agrohomeopathie® are for export available under brand AHAC NQP TM and are breakthough innovative, effective, sustainable Natural Bio-Quantum Biostimulants, which do not contain active substances and operate on the level of life forces of plants, so strengthen plants own vitality and so implicite also plant’s own resistance to diseases, pests, all kind of stress, environmental impacts as well as plants adaptability to environmental, climatic, weather impacts. In aplicative researched project stated above was included in addition to my company, also some outsiders-companies and institutions, as cited by the original study that will be featured in my lecture. For stated applicative research we selected the experimental hop variety Aurora on hop field surface 0.55ha, location Grajska vas, Slovenija. For hop production were used products Cora agrohomeopathie®, with production codes C1, C3, X62, X66 and there was excluded any irrigation or watering during growing period. Data about climate and weather in 2013 (severe drought, heat, lack of water), will be presented on lecturing. Presentation mostly deals with emphasis of additional analyses, which have confirmed great effectiveness of use of product Cora agrohomeopathie X62 and confirmed, that was harvested good harvest of hops in circumstances of severe drought and heat, without irrigation or watering. Some exposed results: Quality of hop cones was tested for hop produced on non-irrigated hopfields using the Cora agrohomeopathie X62 product. From the average yield of the same variety in relation to the content of alpha acids in air dry cones, our hop results were per quality better for 22.98% and in terms of quantity, it deviated down only for 0.3%. In terms of the quantity of crop on our non-irrigated and non-watered hops fields, which was sprayed with the Cora agrohomeopathie X62 product in 2013 (hereinafter signed as 1) per quantity of harvested hop cones was only 0.3% lower / worse than the hop that was produced on irrigated hops fields of the Slovenian Institute for hop research in brewing. The exact same conclusion is to compare (1) with the Slovenian average of the Aurora hop variety for year 2013. Costs compare Hop sort Aurora during its growing season need about 38.500 l of water per ha (cca 11 liters per one hops plant). Costs for irrigation of 1 ha of agricultural surface are in Slovenian hops production cca 125€ per one irrigation (**10). In year 2013 was on irrigated hops fields needed approximately 5 irrigations, which costed 725€ per ha. Costs of used product Cora agrohomeopathie X62 were 510,57€ per ha. Conclusion: While hop is more demanding plant regarding water supply, we conclude and assume that the use of this product may contribute to reducing vulnerability of food security where it is at risk of agricultural production of any kind of crops, vegetable, fruits, in conditions of drought, heat and water shortages. Especially in areas where agricultural land can not be irrigated or watered during the drought for a variety of reasons, the use of product Cora agrohomeopathie X62 can be very meaningful and can significantly reduce economic loss due to loss of crops in arid and hot conditions, as well as increasing food security in such areas. For those, who want to offer excellent pesticide-free hops to breweries and beer consumers, our products without active substances are a great choice, opportunity and a competitive advantage, which may be for the world market interesting for big breweries as well for small breweries.

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