Effect of Carvacrol Tested on Different in vivo and in vitro Experimental Studies: Systematic Review

Andressa Coelho Ferreira, Cris


The objective of the study was to show carvacrol isolad in in vitro and in vivo assays to verify the effects of their dosages on different application areas. The searches were realized in the following databases, pubmed, and academic google using the descriptors carvacrol; carvacrol and in vitro; carvacrol and in vivo. Thus that in academic google we still use in the advanced search, exclusion of patents and references, as well the inclusion the articles that had the descriptors present in the title. For eligibility, there were 13 articles for analysis. In which, the carvacrol proved to be effective with antimicrobial action, anti-carcinogenic, immune system cell protector, reducer of gastrointestinal lesions, optimizer anti-carcinogenic drug in nanoparticles, as well as mitotic index reducer in bone marrow cells used in high dosages. In conclusion, it is understood that the dosage applied in the right amount can be efficient in the cancer control and elimination of bacteria, in which the carvacrol acts as promising herbal remedy for clinical use.

Relevant Publications in Clinical Pharmacology & Biopharmaceutics