Elucidating the origin of production of Milk Powder commercially distributed on the Chinese market using multi element stable Isotope Technique

Eyram Norgbey


The economically motivated adulteration of powdered milk within the Chinese market has increasingly become a serious public concern. The study was done to determine the feasibility of utilizing δ2H, δ18O and δ15N stable isotope technique in elucidating the authenticity and origin of milk products on the Chinese market. powdered milk from North America, Oceania and China were analyzed. An elemental analyzer was connected to an isotope ratio spectrometer operated within the continuous flow mode was utilized. Statistical analysis was performed using descriptive statistics and one-way ANOVA.  There was a big difference within the δ2H and δ18O composition of the milk samples ofand New Zealand δ18O isotopic couldn't discriminate. The feasibility of δ2H and δ18O is especially supported the distinct isotopic signatures of water in several geographic localities. The sort of the despicable δ15N standards of the models was identical close, 3.06 to 5.61%. The nitrogen stable isotope couldn't provide a transparent distinction for many of the milk products because δ15N of an animal reflects that of the diet. Hence in cases of comparable diet, it cannot provide a distinction between the animals using this system.

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