Empirical Research on the Impact and Awareness of climate Change on the Security in the Republic of Macedonia

Toni Mileski, Emilija Spasova


This paper presents an ambitious attempt to measure the impact and awareness of climate change and to confirm some significant assumptions presented in several hypothetical views. The paper has a theoretical approach in the first part, articulated through the analysis of existing scientific and technical literature that takes interest in the issues related to climate change and its impact. In addition, the empirical analysis is based on evidence of several hypotheses by applying statistical methods of examinees from Macedonia. Specifically are proven the following hypotheses: Climate change is affecting the health and safety status of the population; Climate change has impact on agriculture; The consequences of climate change in the next century will mostly affect poverty and the spread of diseases; The automobile traffic has the greatest impact on the creation and release of glass gases in the atmosphere; NGOs, government institutions and academic staff contribute to greater participation in the management and mitigation of climate change and the melting of the Arctic in the future may cause political confrontations due to the desire to control the Arctic region. The validation and verification of the survey research is supported by the implementation of the chi-square statistical tests that uses the software package for statistical analysis SPSS.

Relevant Publications in Journal of Earth Science & Climatic Change