Engaging in an action research model to enhance clinical practice appraisal

Annual Meeting Abstract

Shawna Ryan


Shawna Ryan, College of the Rockies, Canada       Abstract Statement of the problem: Nurse Educators assume an important role in the development and use of clinical evaluation strategies and tools. Although clinical practice evaluation is a systematic process with various established strategies to aid in data collection and interpretation, challenges persist in its implementation. This includes the ability to capture and evaluate the depth and breadth of nursing practice as the student progresses through their education as well as addressing whether students and faculty understand and effectively apply the evaluation tool in practice. All this is occurring whilst integrating the unique context of the nursing program and curriculum. The main objective of the Practice Appraisal Refresh project is to enhance a clinical practice evaluation tool based on Domains of Practice as articulated in the University of Victoria and College Partners (UV-CP) BSN curriculum- Health and Healing, Teaching and Learning, Decision Making for Nursing Practice, Professional Responsibility, and Collaborative Leadership domains. Specifically, key areas to improve upon relate to efficiency, currency in nursing practice and student learning needs, and clarity of language and application among faculty and students among the UV-CP. Conclusion and Significance: In completing the initial phases of this project, it is recognized that the development of a comprehensive clinical practice evaluation tool requires a multipronged approach. The project highlights the benefits of integrating feedback from faculty and students as essential to enhancing a clinical practice evaluation tool through an action research model approach, the inclusion of diverse taxonomies of learning, and an analysis of the literature on the concept of clinical evaluation. Biography: Shawna Ryan is a faculty member and Program Coordinator in the Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) Program at the College of the Rockies in Cranbrook, British Columbia. The College of the Rockies BSN Program shares a curriculum with the University of Victoria and College Partners, where she is a member of the curriculum committee and co-lead of the Practice Appraisal refresh project. She has her Masters of Nursing degree from Athabasca University. Speaker Publications: Ryan, S. (2019). Exercise and Mobility. In I. Perry, P.A. Potter, W.R. Ostendorf, & S. Cobbett (Eds.). Canadian Clinical Nursing Skills and Techniques (1st Cdn ed, pp. 305-336). Toronto, Ont: Elsevier. Ryan, S. (2018). Cranbrook Family Connections Collective Impact Assessment Study. Cranbrook, BC: Author. Kramer-Kile, M.L., Ryan, S. & Potter, P.A. (2018). Nursing Assessment, Diagnosis, and Planning. In B.J. Astle, W. Duggleby, P.A. Potter & I. Perry, Canadian Fundamentals of Nursing (6th edition, pp.187-211). Milton, ON Elsevier Ryan, S. (2017). Cranbrook Family Connections Intake Review. Cranbrook, BC: Author.

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