Evaluation of Small Hydropower plant at Ribb Irrigation Dam in Amhara regional state, Ethiopia

Addisu Worku Bezabih


Energy is the main requirement for economic growth in any country and also supports the modern economy. The energy sector is considered a vital element in developing countries because it meets energy needs. This article deals with the production of electricity using small hydroelectric power plants for rural applications. The main objective of this study was to assess the potential of the Ribb dam for small hydroelectric plants. Since the height of a proposed site is constant while the available flow is very variable, the flow is very important for the production of hydroelectricity. The flow duration curve is constant from 20% to 50% of the nominal flow, and then decreases as the percentage of the nominal flow increases. The Ribb dam concluded that the average flow of 14.6331m3/s, the smooth head of 70.37 m, and the average nominal power of 5.53 MW would be the most optimal size of a small hydroelectric plant producing a maximum of electricity in the context of future projected flows in the study region. SHP is a promising alternative for the production of cheap and renewable energy in rural or developing areas.

Relevant Publications in European Journal of Applied Engineering and Scientific Research