Exploring the Aesthetics of Product on Consumer Buying Behavior in FMCGS

Research Article

Azam S, Hussain Z and Fiaz


The at hand study intend to exploring the Aesthetics of product on consumer buying behavior. The results identified that the elements; color, label and designs influences the perception of the consumer about the purchasing of the product. Some colors have a fuming effect while others have a cool effect on the consumer mind. Labeling is compulsory as it makes the consumer aware of the product. While now a day people wanted the product with “Look at me” Aesthetics. Aesthetics has become such an important aspect in our lives that some people even believe that Aestheticisms everything or packaging is the product. The selection of the product highly depends on the package of the product. Promotion chain is formed by the product packaging and most of the time it’s close to the actual purchase and hence play important role in observing the customer results.

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