Food by-products based value-added products: Evaluations in terms of industry 4.0

Ozlem Tokusoglu


Food by-products in the food sector is characterized by a high ratio of product spesicific waste. Food by-products or food industry shelf-stable co-products as liquid, pomace, or powder forms can be obtained from fruits, vegetables, meats, seafoods, milk and dairy, cereals, nuts, fats and oils processing; drying of by-products and converting them into powder offers a way to preserve them as useful and value-added products. Those above-mentioned by-products may be evaluated as a source of dietary phytochemicals including phenolic antioxidants, carotenoids, bioactive other polyphenols, dietary fibers, as a source of proteins, peptides and aminoacids, may be evaluated as extruded products. as a sources of collagen, gelatin, and as a sources of various food additive materials. However, the some of by-products can be utilized as compost /animal feed or industrial materials. Nowadays, the potential utilization of the above-mentioned major components has been the focus of attention. Dietary supplements and/or food fortification based on the valueadded products may be alternative for certain types of cancer, reduced risk of coronary heart diseases. The application of novel technologies in the value-added product manufacturing is ushering a new era referred to as the 4th industrial revolution. In this point, there is a principal need for promoting companies in the transition to Industry 4.0 technologies/applications, and leading them for improving their aptitudes as uniformly, objectively and repeatability. This presentation discusses food powders derived from food by-products and wastes as well as their chemical characterization, functional properties, their unique bioactive features, enhancing technologies, processing of food by-product powders and utilizations, also covers antioxidative, anticarcinogenic reports, pharmacological evaluations and clinical studies of nutraceuticals derivatives from food by-products in terms of industry 4.0.

Relevant Publications in Journal of Nutrition & Food Sciences