Genetically Enhanced Microbial Bioindicators for Environmental Monitoring: A Review

Sana Bakht, Kashaf-ul Khair, M


Environmental monitoring has an increased demand in the recent decade with the fluctuation in the quantity of pollution and the aim to preserve this land for the future generation. Bioindicators accounts for the major portion of tool needed for monitoring. Its effective use, cheap technology and its ability to not change the chemistry of natural system once it has been used, makes its functioning peculiar and easy to use. Furthermore, biotechnology has polished the system by incorporating indicators better equipped. The study encapsulates microbial bioindicators that are modified by using genetically engineering and biotechnical approach advancing their functioning for the environment. Two of the major enhanced bioindicators discussed are Vibrio Hervey Strain and Bacterial ammonia oxidizers. The approach is not very common but its demand is opted to increase differentiating it from traditional ways.

Relevant Publications in Bioprocessing & Biotechniques