Heat Mass Transfer of Nanofluids Flow with Soret Effect In the Presence of Thermal Radiation

Research Article

Zayyanu SY, Hamza MM and Uwant


This study investigates the Soret effects on Natural convection flow of Nano fluids over an infinite vertical plate, in the presence of thermal radiation and applied magnetic field. The fluid is assumed to be electrically conducting water based Cu-nanofluid. The Tiwari and Das model is used to model the Nano fluid, whereas Rosseland approximation is used for thermal radiation effect. Solutions for time dependent velocity, temperature and concentration equations are obtained using Laplace transform technique. The physical quantities of engineering interest such as skin friction and Sherwood number are also computed. The obtained analytical solutions satisfy all imposed initial and boundary conditions. The effect of various parameters controlling the physical situation is discussed with the aid of line graphs. During the course of computation, excellent result was found from various physical parameters embedded in the problem.

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