Hemirings Characterized by Interval Valued (2;2 _ q)-Fuzzy k-Ideals

Research Article

Muhammad Shabir and Tahir Mahm


Although there are many structures generalizing associative rings and distributive lattices but most famous among them are semirings (or halfrings) and near rings. Semirings are proved to be very useful for solving many problems in di§erent areas of mathematics and information sciences. Some of them are optimization theory, graph theory, theory of discrete event dynamical systems, generalized fuzzy computation, automata theory, formal language theory, coding theory, analysis of computer programs, and so on (see [1, 6, 7, 8, 16]). Semirings were introduced by H. S. Vandiver in 1934 [24]. Semirings with commutative addition and additive identity are called hemirings.

Relevant Publications in Mathematica Eterna