Holistic approach to COPD patients



 The holistic approach, known also as the bio-psycho-social approach should be the main approach to COPD patients. COPD is a progressive and debilitating disease, associated with several co-morbidities and with significant impact on the quality of life not only of the patients, but on their family and relatives. Behavioral factors such as smoking and inappropriate life style are contributing factors to the progression of the disease and decreased quality of life (QoL). These patients could also need palliative care in the end stages of the disease. The general practitioner (GP) is a key person in providing high quality health care for COPD patients, because they are mainly observed, treated and managed in a general practice setting. GPs must be aware of the new guidelines, skilled enough and prepared to deal with them, applying the holistic approach. We are focusing on some important issues such as early recognition/ detection of COPD in general practice, close follow-up, proper medical and non-medical treatment, inducing life style changes, supportive care, quality of life (including approved tests) and palliative care. Applying a holistic approach means also organizing teams according to the needs of the patient with medical and nonmedical specialists. Applying a holistic approach is the best tactical and strategic option for better care and life for COPD patients. I thank the event for giving me an opportunity to speak in front of delegates and many other people from pulmonologists all over the world. I thank everyone for giving good reviews and testimonials for my talk. It was really a great experience for me to attend this two day conference and I enjoyed all the talks at the conference venue and gained lot of knowledge. I am also interested in attending more and more conference of conference series in future. I also suggest young students to attend the conferences organized by conference series to gain knowledge from the talks that speaker’s present. I met colleagues with varying levels of experience in the field of pulmonology. Lyubima Despotova-Toleva MD, PhD is a Medical Doctor with acknowledged specialties in Paedicatics, Family Medicine, Health Care Management and specialization in Paediatric Cardiology. She is a University Professor of Plovdiv Practice/Family Medicine, Scientific Advisor of PhD students, Chairperson of the Bulgarian Long-term and Palliative Care Society. Also, she is the Editor-in-Chief of Folia Palliatrica journal, Board Member of EMA, EGPRN and Lifetime Member of WONCA, IAHPC and WHPCA. She is the Author of more then 150 scientific publications, over 30 monographs, textbooks and manuals. She is the Leader, Coordinator and Senior Researcher in more then 20 international and national research and educational projects and programs (Fulbright, JSPS, mEducator, SmokeFreeBrain etc).

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