Impact of Idol Immersion Activity on the Water Quality of Machna River, Betul, Madhya Pradesh, India

Neelesh Shrivastava, P. K. Mis


India is a country of festivals. Ganesh and Durga festivals are celebrated each year across the country and immersion of their idols in the water is contaminating the quality of water. Machna river of Betul, which is the only important source of drinking and irrigational water has been polluted by this idol immersion activity on the occasion of religious festivals. As this issue is directly linked with the aesthetism of the people of the city so some steps should be taken very carefully so their emotions are not hearted. Idols are made up of clay but non-biodegradable thermocol and paints containing heavy metals. The idols have grown in numbers and size over the years and urban water bodies are facing an increasing pollution load. This issue is particular for the Betul city as it has totally different situation as no other big source of water is available nearly except this river.

Relevant Publications in International Journal of Chemical Sciences