International Conference on Hospice Care and Palliative Care

Mohammed Abduh Alshaqi


The post report of International Conference on Hospice Care and Palliative Care captures a programme of keynote presentations, oral talks, panel discussions and shared dialogue at the conference on leading the way in Medical and Health Science, which took place from 10th of July 2020. Hospice Care 2020 Webinar brought together doctors, physicians, professors, chief officials, entrepreneurs, researchers and also provided a treasurable networking opportunity and set the stage for more cooperation among doctors from countries at different stages of development. The webinar began with opening remarks of the conference host and continued with a set of keynote presentations of real world cases describing new and remarkable initiatives by the following distinguished keynote speakers: • Mohammed Abduh Alshaqi, Prince Sultan Military Medical City, Saudi Arabia • Gebhard Mathis, Bildungshaus Batschuns, Austria • Eric G Bush, Chesapeake Palliative Medicine, USA A series of stimulating speeches to create skills in and advance awareness of requirements health and medicine was of particular interest to industry and academia. Chaired by Dr. Mohammed Abduh Alshaqi, the speakers addressed topics ranging from hospice care, palliative care, healthcare, primary care as well as taking a look into an ambiguous future through the senses of a futurologist.

Relevant Publications in Journal of Aging and Geriatric Psychiatry