Internet gaming disorder and gambling disorder: clinical and neurobiological correlates, general comorbid mental disorders and negative social consequences

Value Added Abstract

Tetiana Zinchenko


Regardless of the fact that that both disorders are behavioral addictions based on gaming activity with constant involvement in the game, regardless of the adverse effects, loss of control and the presence of a traction state prior to involvement in the game in the absence of use of substances (psychoactive substances), there are only a few TRANS-sectional studies. In this work, the analysis of both existing transactional studies and specific for each disorder is carried out. Also was taken into account own clinical experience with gambling disorder (GD) and Internet gaming disorder (IGD) patients. The search for studies was conducted using the following databases: Scopus, PsycINFO, Science Direct, PsycARTICLES, PubMED, Wiley Online Library, ProQuest Dissertation and Theses Academic Search full и Google Scholar. As a result, clinical, neurobiological and social correlates common to GD and IGD were determined. High impulsivity and compulsivity (intense attraction to the game) especially prevailed cognitive component: reflections, memories and fantasies about the game in its absence in the form of bright three-dimensional scenes and images. The dominance of the pathological need for a game, which replaced even the basic physiological needs. Emotional disturbances during the game - emotional excitement, euphoria when you turn on the game, dysphoria, anxiety, irritability when at abandonment from a game. High level of distress, sleep disorders. Presence of altered states of consciousness in most players 92% with impaired perception of time, self-identification, memory of events during the game, affective narrowing of consciousness. It was also noted conflicts and avoidance of communication, reduction of empathy, lying and manipulation in relationships. Narrowing the circle of communication and interests, with the replacement of contacts on the gaming society, social maladaptation. General comorbid psychopathology in the form of anxiety disorder with panic attacks, depression, suicidal thoughts, and other addictions, personality disorders was revealed. Many similarities have been found between GD and IGD, and in-depth large-scale transactional studies of these behavioral addictions are needed, which may lead to an understanding of the general mechanisms of their pathogenesis and help in the development of effective methods of treatment and rehabilitation

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