Investigation of Textile Fire Accident and Impact on Environment and Rapid Evacuation Plan in Ring Spinning Department: A Case Study

Mohsin Ali Shaikh, Song Weiguo


The textile industry is the leading manufacturing sector to enhance the economy of the country. The most causes of fireplace have several reasons that electricity, heating, human error, environmental atmosphere and failure of electrical components in the machine. The research objectives to investigate the reason of fire accident in the textile industries of Pakistan and Bangladesh, the environmental impact of fire and rapid evacuation plan in the textile spinning ring department during the fire emergency. For this purpose, the different approaches were used to collect data like research articles content and reference side. The expert systems level of investigation perception has been adopted. This elaborate the use of proficient judgment on the review of materials created by others to consider the magnitude of the fire problem, production of environmentally unfavorable products of burning, the effect of those products on the atmosphere, and whatever, without actually undertaking actual assessments of environmental impact. One emergency gate is not enough in the spinning department for rapid evacuation. There should be two emergency gates for rapid evacuation in spinning ring department.

Relevant Publications in Global Environment, Health and Safety