Irreversible denaturation of maltodextrin glucosidase studied by differential scanning calorimetry, circular dichroism, and turbidity measurements

Annual Meeting Abstract

Tapan K. Chaudhuri


There is ample evidence in the literature of the beneficial effect of worship, prayer, & meditation (WPM) on the recovery from cancer and other medical illnesses. However, the mechanism of action of WPM on the positive effect on medical illnesses including cancer was unknown until now. In the past the people attributed this beneficial effect of WPM on recovery from medical illness including cancer to ‘medical miracle’. We propose that the beneficial effect of WPM on positive outcome from medical illness including cancer is a therapeutic effect mediated through the delivery of Electromagnetic Radiation emanating from the Human Mind (EMR-hm) to the cancer cells or disease sites during WPM. We report here an example of a case of a 40 year old male who had one month history of headache and seizure secondary to a small pea-size tumor in the left frontal lobe of his brain without any evidence of metastases as revealed by the CT scan. He refused all conventional medical treatment. Instead he resorted to spiritual therapy – daily worship, prayer, and meditation (WPM). Following three months of this spiritual therapy, a repeat CT scan revealed partial regression of the brain tumor from pea-size to pin-head size with improvement of headache and seizure. The theoretical spiritual research, meditational research and near-death experience research conducted by a team of scientists, doctors and divine mentor led them to theorize the existence of Electromagnetic Radiation of the human mind (EMR-hm) or Electromagnetic Energy of the human mind (EME-hm). The EME-hm or EMR-hm works on the principles of particle physics and quantum mechanics. It also works wirelessly like the EMR of the smart phones, texting, air drop, router and Wi-Fi. The electric current flowing through the neurons in the magnetic field of the brain generates the EMR or EME. These authors have characterized the EMR-hm as non-ionizing radiation which falls in the same region of the EME spectrum as the EMR of iphone, router, Wi-Fi, air drop and texting. The discovery of EME-hm holds infinite promise in developing new technology and product in detecting the EMR-hm and how it varies with the positive and negative actions of the human. There exists the need for fabricating an instrument that can detect, measure and quantitate the intensity of EMR-hm at basal state and its rise and fall with and without WPM. In conclusion the knowledge of delivery of EME-hm to disease site would be of great benefit to humankind in understanding the mechanism of therapeutic action of worship, prayer, and meditation in recovery from cancer and other medical illnesses.

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