Isolation of a new keto steroid stigmast-4, 20(21), 23-trien-3-one and a new alcohol tricontan-10α-ol from the roots of Albizzia lebbeck Benth

Perwez Alam, M. Ali and Vidhu


Phytochemical investigation of the methanolic extract of the roots of Albizzia lebbeck Benth. (Fabaceae) led to the isolation of a new keto steroid characterized as stigmast-4, 20 (21), 23-trien-3-one (lebbeksterone) and an alcohol tricontan-10α-ol (Isotriacontanol), along with tricosanyloctadec-9-en-1-oate and pentacosanyloctadec-9-en-1-oate. The structures of all these phytoconstituents have been elucidated on the basis spectral data analysis and chemical reactions.

Relevant Publications in Journal of Natural Product and Plant Resources