Keeping Pace with Communication Changes: Communicating Efficiently and Effectively with Healthcare Students from the Last Part of the Millennial Generation

Stephanie C Evans


Communication is a key component of effective healthcare. In healthcare education, faculty to student communication lays the foundation for our students to learn to communicate with their patients. As faculty members, we must continue to embrace technology and move forward to communicate with our students in efficient and effective methods. We should consider the preferred communication methods of the students by assessing the generation and working to meet them in their comfort area of communication with technology. In the last decade, the use of text messaging has typically been limited to personal interactions between individuals. As technology has advanced so have applications and methods of using technology. There are now applications which allow individuals to text one another or groups without sharing personal phone numbers. Faculty may consider using this newer way to communicate with their healthcare students. By adapting and demonstrating flexibility in learning new methods of communication, we are leading by example for the students to be flexible and adaptable to meet the various communication methods of the patients they serve.

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