Lack of Association of Paraoxonase 1 Promoter Polymorphisms with Gulf War Illness

Short Article

Mike Mackness


Low humor PON1 levels ar related to Gulf War unhealthiness (GWI). we have a tendency to sought-after to analyze the role of PON1 promoter polymorphisms in shaping PON1 levels in GWI. There were no variations within the distribution of the PON1 -108 or PON1 -909 genotypes between the Gulf War Veterans (GWV) and therefore the controls; but, PON1 activity and concentration were considerably lower within the GWV. In the management population, PON1 activity was considerably totally different between the PON1 -108 genotypes within the order CC>TC>TT (P<0.001) and within the PON1 -909 genotypes within the order GG>GC>CC (P<0.001). However, in the GWV, such activity variations between genotypes weren't evident. within the GWV PON1 activity was considerably lower all told the PON1 -108 and -909 genotypes compared to controls.

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