Late Onset Congenital Adrenal Hyperplasia Presenting at Puberty with Ambiguous Genitalia: Surgery with Dexamethasone Resulting in Live New-born Normal Child

Short Communication

Dr kulvinder kaur


Hirsutism is ordinarily found with raised androgens alongside exorbitant hair in the female giving a male like example and seldom in anovulation may a female present with virilization extraordinary in simply basic PCOS. In any case, here we present a young lady who gave late beginning innate hyperplasia who introduced at pubescence with advancement of uncertain genitalia giving the impression of a fall causing it yet examinations uncovered a typical karyotype &raised 17 hydroxy progesterone with stamped incitement with ACTH and assessment under sedation uncovering an ordinary female like example after which her outer genitalia were refashioned and she considered subsequent to getting hitched ondexamethasone bringing forth an obviously ordinary little girl.

Relevant Publications in Journal of Congenital Disorders