Learning Outcomes of Problem-Based Learning between Pre-clinical and Clinical Years of Medical Students

Sarawut Suksuphew


To compare learning outcomes of problem-based learning between pre-clinical and clinical years of medical students. Methods: The questionnaires were sent to medical students who enrolled during academic year 2012-2015 and they were asked their personal opinion on learning outcomes from PBL by using Likert scale. The returned questionnaires were divided into pre-clinical (2-3)and clinical (4th-5th) year groups. The difference of opinion rates between both groups were compared by using the independent t Test. Results: The response rate of the questionnaire was 98%. The most of medical students learned by PBL more than 10 times a year. The opinion rates about learning capacity, skills, communications, teamwork and self-assessment were in much agree level . The process of applying to reality situation,

Relevant Publications in Journal of Psychology and Brain Studies