Meteorological investigation on sensitive ecosystems in Cham Island, Vietnamin climate change conditions

Vạn Xuan


This paper presents the results of research on the state and quality of sea water environment in the fishery area of the community at Cham Island including Bai Lang, Bai Huong, Bai Ong, Bai Bim, and Bai Bac in Tan Hiep commune, Quang Nam Province, Vietnam. Quality of soil environment and sediments are also studied and analyzed through factors such as moisture, humus, and organic matter content. The analysis results show that agricultural land (rice), the hill garden (forest vegetables) and hills (forest vegetables and wild medicinal plants) have poor humus quality (1-2 %), poor nutrient content (total N less than 0.08 %). With the aim of assessing the impact of the current environment on the local people’s health, we analyze hair samples of 14 random people on the island at age 18 to 65. The results show that Hg concentration is detected in the relatively stable frequency. If there is no solution for the situation of dynamite fishing and gold mining which kills the coral reefs (due to the high level of mercury in water)in the near future, the health status of the people in Cham Island would be affected adversely.

Relevant Publications in Global Journal of Environmental Science and Technology