Milk vita cooperative dairying: A legendary era in Bangladesh

Mohd.abul Kalam Azad


Milk Vita may be a milk production company that produces milk below its own name. it's in hand by People's Republic of Bangladesh Milk Producers Co-operative Union restricted, a cooperative managed by the govt. of People's Republic of Bangladesh. it's AN one among the quickest growing dairy farm in People's Republic of Bangladesh. Milk Vita-the largest developing dairy farm cooperative venture in People's Republic of Bangladesh deals with concerning 350,000L/day liquid milk production, collection, processing, and selling with a heterogeneous set of dairy farm merchandise nationwide & unrelentingly proving the parable of sure-fire rural prosperity as a model of least developed countries. And increasing its prosperity. In People's Republic of Bangladesh year-round (January???December) rate of milk production occurred as nine.97%, 10.01%, 9.20%, 8.59%, 8,17%, 8.37%, 7.27%, 6.50%, 6.46%, 6,86%, 8.73% and 9.88% severally (1 Azad, MAK, 2001). In People's Republic of Bangladesh, the venture has with success developed a cooperative milk production and a few of the model like AMUL etc. Members offer milk to societies double each day on money payment with a discriminatory system of weekly basis matched on the day of every space. the speed of the farmer's milk is set supported fat and solid non-fat (SNF) share.

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