Monitoring and management of Exposure to Buprofezin in Greenhouses

Short Article

Maria Cristina Aprea


The aim of this study was to assess dermal and metabolism exposure of employees to Buprofezin throughout spraying and through stapling of antecedently treated decorative plants in greenhouses. Eight employees were monitored. a mix of hand laundry and pads placed on the skin was accustomed valuate actual skin contamination. The effectivity of protecting article of clothing|vesture|wear|covering|consumer goods} was evaluated inserting pads on prime of outer clothing. metabolism exposure was evaluated by personal air sampling. metabolism dose was calculated on the premise of a respiratory organ ventilation of fifteen l/min for females and twenty l/min for males. Absorbed doses were calculated presumptuous a skin penetration of four-hundredth and a metabolism retention of 100 percent. Dislodgeable foliar residues (DFRs) were evaluated throughout re-entry. Buprofezin make up my mind by gas action with selective mass detection all told matrices.

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